Civilian time is the best way we measure time at this time, however army time was the usual for clock innovations approach earlier than there have been 12-hour days (round 4000 BC). As such, its accuracy has been examined over centuries.

Its invention took place within the early days of clock-making when astronomers created timepieces within the Darkish Ages. It’s possible you’ll marvel why we’re nonetheless utilizing such an historic apply, the actual fact is that it saves you from planning errors in each warzone and civilian life. Learn on to find how the army clock got here to be and why it’s nonetheless related at this time.

What Is Navy Time?

Navy time is a 24-hour clock system. It goes by a set of numbers to designate hours and minutes.

You may as well use “army time” to signify some other kind of time-keeping system that makes use of a 24-hour format. For instance, aviation use or different operations the place exact monitoring of time is critical.

Historical past of Navy Time

The primary recorded use of army time was throughout the eleventh Egyptian dynasty. At first, it was temporal (primarily based on world affairs).

Afterward, round 147 BC, Hipparchus steered that point be set in stone. It was his perception that point ought to stay fixed no matter seasons or some other modifications. The world embraced his concepts, as he had a repute for being an impressive astronomer.

For years, Hipparchus’ beliefs formed the best way folks made clocks. However the Egyptians and Mesopotamians had been innovators, so that they improved upon the clock as they did many different issues. From their creativity, a 12-hour sundial was born.

Which means that the day was now break up into two 12-hour cycles: morning and evening. And the world as soon as once more had a relentless customary of time. This modified in World Warfare 1.

Although the 12-hour clock was nonetheless the usual, it was stuffed with inaccuracies. To assist troopers navigate the battlefields, they wanted higher timekeeping.

The answer? A 24-hour time system. Troopers have used this army time construction ever since then.

Why Navy Time Is Used

Navy time was created to maintain monitor of time and site in a army setting, the place there’s no room for error. A 12-hour time system could be complicated at a look since instances within the morning and afternoon are sometimes indistinguishable. Navy time eliminates this confusion.

The best way to Inform Navy Time

You’ll be able to be taught army time in depth at navy faculty and different army breaches. The time representations are:


Midnight is written as 4 zeros in army time to convey the beginning of a brand new day. This is able to be 0000 or zero hundred hours.

12:01 a.m. to 12 Midday

Write out the time as you’ll see it on a 4-digit clock. Then, take away the colon between the hour and the minutes. For instance, 1:39 a.m. turns into 0139 (pronounced “zero one three 9” or “zero one thirty-nine”).

Midday till 11:59 p.m.

Midday and the opposite hours have separate guidelines. Write out midday as a 4-digit clock would show it and take away the colon (ex. 1200). Say the primary two digits as the worth of 100 for army time (ex. twelve hundred hours).

From there, 12:01 p.m. can be 1201, 12:02 p.m. can be 1202, and so forth.

Nonetheless, while you attain 1:00 p.m. and past, use the identical guidelines as for midnight and take away the colon (ex. 0100). Then add 1200. You’ll have a complete of 13 hundred hours or 1 p.m. in army time.

Get Extra Acquainted With the Navy

Navy time just isn’t that tough to know when you get the grasp of it. You’ll discover that it helps you simply establish instances throughout a mission or when speaking with different troopers.

One approach to be taught extra about army time is by becoming a member of the armed forces. Discover a recruiter in your space with our assist. We are able to join you with positions that can educate you the ins and outs of army time.

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