I’ve all the time been fascinated by the pomp and circumstances of formal occasions, comparable to state funerals. Not too long ago we famous the passing of George HW Bush, and we possible will see former president Carter within the close to future.  

Final month was the anniversary of the passing of Sir Winston Churchill, a person I’ve admired for ages. I’ve learn the Manchester three quantity bio of the person, and I am accumulating a eight quantity for future studying. I used to be trying to find one thing unrelated to Churchill, and I discovered this. A 5 minute abstract of the funeral.

I discovered it very attention-grabbing the as his casket is transported down the River Thames, cranes are lowered in tribute. I recall an analogous video of the Reagan funeral the place an enormous American flag is strung between two fireplace engine ladders.

RIP Mr. Churchill. I see a cigar and scotch this night .


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