Taemin military service is the beloved member of K-pop group SHINee, will soon be joining the military. The news has created a stir among fans who are wondering how the star will serve his country and how they will cope without him.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about. Taemin’s military service, including dates, requirements, controversies, and more.

Dates and Requirements for Taemin’s Military Service

Taemin’s military service is scheduled to begin in 2023 in may According to Korea’s military service law. All able-bodied men between the ages of 18 and 28 must serve in the military for about two years.

Taemin was born in 1993. on July 18, which means he will be 30 years old. This age is slightly above the normal age limit for compulsory military service, but still does not exceed the allotted time.

The Korean military has several branches, including the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps The branch where Taemin will work has not yet been announced.

However, he is expected to serve as an active duty soldier, meaning he will be involved in combat training and other military duties throughout his service.

Controversies Surrounding Taemin’s Military Enlistment

Although Taemin’s military draft is mandatory, some fans have expressed concern about his draft. Some speculated that his induction was delayed due to his busy schedule. As he has been active in the entertainment industry since he was a teenager.

Taemin is also said to have been given preferential treatment in the physical examination required of all. Korean men before applying. However, these rumors were quickly dispelled by the military authorities, who said that all applicants are subject to the same criteria and standards.

Length of Service

Like all able-bodied men in South Korea, Taemin must complete 21 months of military service. However, the length of your employment may vary depending on your training performance and any promotions. If selected to serve as an officer or in the.

United States Army Korean Augmentation (KATUSA), his term of service may be less than 21 months. However, if selected to serve as an active duty soldier, he must complete all 21 months of service.

Possible Promotions

Taemin has but to expose which department of the navy he might be enlisting in. However it’s far viable that he can be decided on for a promoting primarily based totally on his extraordinary skills and abilities. In the past, numerous K-pop idols.

Which includes Super Junior’s Yesung and EXO’s Suho, had been decided on for promoting to better ranks because of their awesome performances at some stage in training.

However, it’s far critical to word that promotions aren’t assured and are primarily based totally on a whole lot of factors, which includes bodily fitness, management abilities, and teamwork skills.

Assigned Unit

The Korean army assigns squaddies to numerous gadgets primarily based totally on their skills, bodily abilities, and different factors. Taemin’s assigned unit has now no longer been disclosed to the public. However it’s miles possibly that he’s going to function an active-obligation soldier for 18 months.

Discharge Date

Taemin’s discharge date is predicted to be in early 2023. The genuine date will rely on his assigned unit and any feasible extensions because of surprising circumstances.

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Impact on Taemin’s Career

Taemin’s army carrier will unavoidably have an effect on his profession as a musician and actor. However, it’s miles really well worth noting that many Korean celebrities have correctly again to their careers after finishing their army carrier.

During his army carrier, Taemin will now no longer have the ability to take part in any public performances, launch music, or seem on television. However, he can nevertheless talk together along with his fanatics thru letters and social media.


Like all Korean men, Taemin will go through fundamental army education to put together him for his responsibilities as a soldier. The education generally lasts for 5 weeks and covers diverse components inclusive of fight education, first aid, and army discipline.

After the fundamental education, Taemin will acquire specialised education primarily based totally on his assigned unit. The period and form of specialised education rely upon the assigned unit. Might closing everywhere from some weeks to numerous months.


Taemin’s navy provider is a obligatory requirement for all able-bodied Korean men, and he isn’t anyt any exception. While his absence will certainly be felt via way of means of his enthusiasts and the leisure industry.

We desire him the exceptional of good fortune in his navy provider and look ahead to his return. We desire this text has furnished you with all of the records you want to understand approximately Taemin Military Service.


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