Military Service Medallions is a demanding profession that requires a variety of physical and emotional challenges. Military personnel often face challenging situations that can take a toll on their physical and mental well-being.

Some may injure themselves, while others may experience psychological problems such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Military service medallions were award for sacrifices and struggles.

Military service medallions are medals award to soldiers as a symbol of honor and recognition. These medallions have become an important part of military culture and are highly respected by the military.

In this article, we will discuss the significance of military service medallions and how they help recognize military sacrifices. We will also explore the different types of lockets available and answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

Importance of Military Service Medallions Honoring Struggles

Military Service Medallions are an crucial manner of spotting the sacrifices made through navy employees who’ve struggled thru tough situations.

These medallions function a image of honor and popularity for the tough paintings and determination proven through navy employees. Military Service Medallions help in acknowledging the sacrifices made by military personnel by:

1. Acknowledging Sacrifices

Soldiers often have to risk their lives to defend their country. Military service medals acknowledge and recognize the sacrifices these individuals have made in defense of their nation.

2. Showing Gratitude

Military service medals show appreciation to soldiers for their selfless service to their country. They remind us that the nation values ​​the military.

3. Boosting Morale

Military employees regularly should cope with hard conditions that may have an effect on their morale. Military service medallions raise their morale with the aid of using displaying that their efforts are being identified and appreciated.

4. Recognizing Achievements

Military service medals are often award to recognize achievements such as courage, bravery and dedication. They serve as a symbol of the achievements and hard work of military personnel.

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Types of Military Service Medallions for Honoring Struggles

There are several types of military service medallions design to honor the struggles of military personnel. These medallions are design to recognize the various achievements and struggles of military personnel:

1. Purple Heart Medallions

The purple heart medallion is award to service members who have been injured or kill in the line of duty It is a symbol of honor. And recognition of their bravery and self-sacrifice.

The purple heart medallion has a long history dating back to the days of the American Revolution Originally known as the Military Merit Badge, the Purple Heart in 1782.

Established by General George Washington. The medal is intend to recognize soldiers who have shown exceptional bravery in battle.

Today, the purple heart is award to members of the military who have been wound or kill in the line of duty.

2. Combat Action Medallions

The Combat Action Medallion is provided to navy employees who’ve engaged in direct fight with an enemy force. It acknowledges their bravery and braveness in dealing with the risks of war.

The battle medallion has a relatively short history as it was create in the 1960s during the Vietnam War. At that time there was no medal specifically design. To reward military personnel who took part in hostilities. The Combat Medallion was create to fill this gap.

3. PTSD Awareness Medallions

The PTSD Awareness Medallion is present to navy. Employees who’ve struggled with post-demanding strain disorder (PTSD) because of their service. It acknowledges their struggles and promotes cognizance of the intellectual fitness demanding situations that navy employees face.

Also PTSD Awareness Medallions are military service medallions design to raise awareness of PTSD and recognize the struggles of those affected.

These medallions are typically awarded to active duty veterans and military members who have been diagnosed with. PTSD or have sought treatment for the condition.

4. Injured in Service Medallions

Injur in service medallion is given to military personnel who have suffer an injury during their service. It recognizes their sacrifice and the challenges they face in recovering from their injuries.

Wounded Service Medals are a reminder of an individual’s extensive physical and mental military service. These medallions are design to recognize the sacrifices of military personnel who have sustain injuries while serving their country.

The medallion is a source of pride for the recipient and a reminder to others of the dangers and sacrifices associated with military service.


Military Service Medals are an important way to recognize and honor the struggles of military personnel who have faced difficult situations in their service. These medallions serve as a symbol of gratitude and recognition for the sacrifices of military personnel and help improve their morale and well-being.

From Purple Heart Medallions to PTSD Awareness Medallions, there are a variety of medallions to recognize different achievements and struggles. It is very important for us as a society to continue to show appreciation for the sacrifices of our military personnel and to honor their struggle through military service medals.


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